Our mission is to strengthen the prevention of serious and fatal injuries across industry. The SIF Prevention Center of Excellence facilitates sharing of experience and stimulates improvement in SIF prevention across companies and industries.

Collaborative research conducted at the center is led by Laura Blackburn with Kristen Bell, David Libby, and Tom Krause. Together we are generating new insights leading to increasingly effective solutions.

Key Questions Addressed

In 2019, the SIF Prevention Center of Excellence (SIF P COE) will explore four topic areas:

  1. Identifying SIF precursors in the field, before incidents happen;
  2. Measuring SIF exposure;
  3. Creating a SIF improvement strategy;
  4. Leadership for SIF prevention.

How It Works

  • If you are just getting started, contact us about our SIF prevention talks, workshops, and maturity assessment.
  • If your organization is at level 5 or above on our SIF Maturity Assessment, we invite you to apply for membership into the COE where you will:
    • Enjoy direct access to the Krause Bell consulting team.
    • Participate in quarterly surveys and webinars designed to drill into the topic areas above.
    • Receive quarterly summaries.
    • Network with other COE members during the December face-to-face meeting.

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