Our Clients

Throughout the years, we have met countless safety professionals and dozens of executives who ‘Get It.’ Regardless of their position in the organization, these individuals understand the connection between safety performance and organizational performance. They devote time to understanding injury causation in their workplace. They understand that leader behavior affects safety culture and that safety culture amplifies everything. They understand that worker behavior is always the result of systems, culture, and leadership, and that blaming others for failures is the best way to ensure that nobody learns from them.  They know that the best way to ensure behavioral reliability is to ensure that systems, culture and leadership support key behaviors.

Above all else, we are noticing that the best safety leaders are innovative. They are looking for new frontiers in safety.  They see variation in their behavior-based safety results, in their safety leadership practices, in their safety management systems and they know that they will never get to zero – they will never effectively manage risk – until they reduce this variation.  At the same time, they recognize the opportunities presented by new technology, and they are rigorous enough to evaluate and test them before they buy in.

These are the safety leaders whom Krause Bell Group serve.  Our history of bridging industry experts and scholarly research to develop practical solutions which can then be systematically evaluated, investigated, and improved has become our signature approach. We are uniquely positioned to bring together the right people, data, and knowledge to solve major organizational issues. Let us help you solve yours.