Developing innovative approaches to performance improvement.

What Makes Us Different

New answers to serious injury
and fatality prevention.

What Makes Us Different

Accelerating organizational performance through safety leadership.

What Makes Us Different

Why Us?

Tom Krause and Kristen Bell have provided thought leadership in safety for the past 25 years. Many of the methods used widely today by leading organizations started with the data based innovation of Krause and Bell. From progressing the understanding of serious injuries and fatalities to developing tools to measure leadership capability and cultural attributes, Krause and Bell have provided new insight for improving safety performance.

Further progress requires new thinking. The behavior based methods Krause and Hidley developed in the 1980’s have become outdated. The next big thing in safety will likely come from the data based innovation of Krause Bell Group, working collaboratively with leading organizations.

Tom Krause, Partner

Dr. Krause has developed methods to prevent workplace injuries and fatalities in a wide variety of industrial, healthcare and environmental settings. At Krause Bell Group, Tom leads innovation groups, delivers talks, and hosts discussions with subject-matter experts to bring new insights into SIF prevention and safety performance improvement.

Kristen Bell, Partner

Kristen is an internationally-experienced consultant and business manager with expertise in safety leadership, organizational learning, and performance improvement.
She works with U.S. and multinational companies to prevent injuries and fatalities. At Krause Bell Group, Kristen leads the business with a focus on delivering world-class consulting services and sustainable tools to an elite group of client organizations.


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