Organizational Decision Making for Safety: Part 2

When we think about the sheer numbers of decisions made by leaders the task of improving them all seems quite daunting. The study identified a subset of decisions which had the greatest impact on 60 serious and fatal events. This article outlines an improvement strategy for organizations based on the findings.

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7 Insights into COVID-19 Prevention

Long before COVID-19 upended life as we know it, there were organizations demonstrating exceptional safety leadership. We are proud to have worked with countless safety professionals and leaders, from small companies and major global organizations alike, who ‘Get It’ when it comes to safety. We even wrote a book about what distinguishes a leader who…


Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention – 10 Years Later

Our first study on serious injury and fatality prevention revealed that these types of incidents had very different precursors compared to other types of injuries. Now, taking this understanding to the next level, our continued research has shown the need to look at where organizations sit on the SIF Maturity Curve.

The Five Rs of Effective Leadership for COVID-19 Prevention

As a nation, we are great at responding to catastrophic events: we have systems in place that allow us to react to large- and small-scale incidents and near misses.  In an event’s aftermath, leaders will typically attempt to learn as much as they can about how, why, and lessons learned in an effort to prevent…

Why End Meetings with Safety

Most of our clients make a great effort to start meetings in a meaningful way with respect to safety. Many enjoy collecting relevant safety topics for easy reference at the beginning of meetings, and we’ve seen countless humorous videos that illustrate critical risks and risk reduction activities. We’ve admired highly engaged employees who talk about the…

Connecting the Human Resources Function to Your Organization’s Safety Strategy

In some of my client work, it quickly becomes apparent how well, if at all, the Human Resources (HR) function is connected to the overall safety management strategy for the organization.  Too often the two are not well connected.  It’s rarely an issue of motivation in my experience, but more so an issue of capability:…