Aligning Executive Pay with the Goal of Fatality Elimination

In the complex landscape of corporate governance, compensation committees and boards of directors face the critical task of designing executive compensation packages that not only drive performance but also align with the organization’s core values and safety improvement strategy. This alignment is crucial in industries …


Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention – 10 Years Later

Our first study on serious injury and fatality prevention revealed that these types of incidents had very different precursors compared to other types of injuries. Now, taking this understanding to the next level, our continued research has shown the need to look at where organizations sit on the SIF Maturity Curve.

Serious Injuries and Fatalities – The Fundamental Problem

In this video, Dr. Tom Krause discusses the disturbing trend first discovered around 2010. While most companies had seen recordable injuries decline, serious and fatal injuries remained level.  Further, strategies that reduced smaller injuries did not have the same impact on serious injuries.  We must continue to rethink how we approach safety improvement in general,…

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The 7 Crucial Things all Leaders Need to Know About Safety

In our work at Krause Bell Group, we’ve found that the most important ingredient in any safety program is strong leadership. But all too often, senior leaders don’t “get” safety at the level they need to in order to be effective. So what is it that senior leaders need to ‘Get’ about safety? What is…

Preventing Serious Injuries and Fatalities Requires Organizational Learning

About ten years ago a global client asked why Serious Injuries and Fatalities (SIFs) weren’t declining at the same rate that recordable injuries were. That led to a study drawing on the data of six large organizations. The answers were revealing in many ways. We found that SIFs were structurally different than smaller injuries, precursors…

Does Focusing on SIFs Mean Ignoring Smaller Injuries?

In our book “7 Insights into Safety Leadership,” Tom Krause and I make the point that leaders should start with a focus on preventing serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs). What does it mean to focus on SIFs? What doesn’t it mean? Why is a SIF focus better? First, A Clarification Focusing on SIFs does not mean that smaller injuries are unimportant….

Why a SIF Improvement Strategy is Important for Your Organization

Is your organization still suffering life-altering and fatal injuries even though other types of injuries have improved? If so, you are not alone.  In this video (my first ever video!) I explain why your organization may need a dual strategy for improving safety.  Learn how a clear and separate focus on serious and fatal injuries can make your prevention efforts more effective. Discover how it can help you gain credibility as a safety leader.


Building Capability in SIF Prevention Through Data-Driven Innovation

It’s been nearly a decade since our first SIF study explained why so many companies were seeing recordable injuries improve while fatal injuries were level or increasing. Dr. Tom Krause, with collaborators from 9 global organizations studied the problem in 2010. They concluded that the disturbing trend was the result of differences in the situations…