“If you aspire to an injury-free workplace,
you should read this book.”

-Paul O’Neill, former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury

7 Insights into Safety Leadership

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What is it that senior leaders need to ‘Get’ about safety? What is it that these key safety leaders need in order to influence the organization and achieve better and better performance? We’ve devoted more than 20 years to figuring this out, and our research has yielded seven insights every leader must have in order to reach safety leadership excellence. These are:

1. Safety performance leads business performance;
2. Safety leadership starts with preventing serious injuries & fatalities;
3. Leadership sets safety improvement in motion;
4. Culture sustains performance – for better or for worse;
5. Safe decision making is built on core safety concepts;
6. Behavior plays a role, but a different one than expected;
7. Cognitive bias affects safety decisions.

“This should be required reading for CEO’s who lead organizations where employee safety is a concern.”


7 Insights into Safety Leadership



A Groundbreaking Book About Safety Leadership

Packed with easy-to-read insights, the book will provide your leadership with an executable roadmap to improved safety performance.

What is it that senior leaders need to “get” about safety? What is it that key safety leaders need in order to influence the organization and improve performance?

Tom Krause and Kristen Bell bring together decades of experience in the field with industry-leading research to distill the 7 essential insights that all leaders need to know about safety.

Creating A Strong Safety Culture

According to Krause and Bell, the key to achieving excellent safety performance isn’t just improving technologies or focusing on worker behavior. In order to excel in safety, your company needs to develop a strong safety culture. And that starts at the top.

While safety may not be their primary role, the CEO of a company is your most important safety officer. The leadership that sets the tone of your safety culture. And your culture informs and influences how everyone in your organization, from bottom to top, values and thinks about safety.

7 Insights into Safety Leadership will help you get your leadership on board with the latest and most relevant perspectives in safety so you can build and maintain a strong safety culture.

Tom Krause, Partner at Krause Bell Group

Thomas Krause

Dr. Krause is a thought leader in organizational safety. He has led innovation in safety leadership, and serious injuries and fatalities. His original work was in the early development of behavior-based safety. As Chairman and Partner at Krause Bell Group, Tom leads innovation groups, delivers talks, and hosts discussions with subject-matter experts to bring new insights into safety performance improvement.

Kristen Bell, Partner with Krause Bell Group
Kristen Bell

Kristen is an internationally-experienced consultant and business manager with expertise in safety leadership, organizational learning, and performance improvement. She works with U.S. and multinational companies to prevent injuries and fatalities. As CEO and Partner at Krause Bell Group, Kristen leads the business with a focus on delivering world-class consulting services and sustainable tools to an elite group of client organizations.

“This book provides leaders with a compelling roadmap, based on data, that can and will eliminate serious incidents and fatalities while at the same time significantly improving operational and financial performance.”
Operational Excellence, Chevron Corporation
“The 7 Insights provide an excellent starting point for initiation dialogue with senior leaders and helping them understand from a system thinking perspective what it takes to have an effective safety process.”
Environment, Health & Safety, Cargill, Inc
“Tom Krause has organized two decades of careful observations and actions into a concise guide on the principles necessary to lead organizations to an effective safety culture. Having lead public institutions, a university and a company, I can attest that these safety culture principles are widely applicable to the mission of any organization.
The Syracuse Maxwell School Of Citizenship And Public Affairs, Former Head Of Nasa
Skillfully Collaborated
“Tom Krause and Kristen Bell have skillfully collaborated on a book that brings the reader from the beginnings of behavior-based safety, to the journey of fatality and serious injury prevention, and introduces us to the promise of harnessing ‘safe decision making’ and advanced analytical science.”
Security, Health & Environment, ExxonMobil
Leading With Safety by Tom Krause, Krause Bell Group

Building on years of research and experience in the field, Leading with Safety redefines organizational safety as an activity that both leads other performance areas and in turn must be led. Thomas Krause poses the question, “What does it take to be a great safety leader?” — and answers with a comprehensive new model for understanding safety leadership as it affects organizational culture and safety climate. Leading with Safety defines the practices, tools, and systems essential to creating an injury-free workplace, including the role of employees at each level, special considerations for coaching the senior executive leader, and the two crucial aspects of human performance that every leader needs to know. Ending with inspiring real-world examples or organizations that have put these tools into practice, Leading with Safety is written for any leader who wants to lead with safety toward a more robust, productive and effective organization.

Taking The Lead In Patient Safety

Taking the Lead in Patient Safety is written for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, and everyone else in the healthcare industry who recognize that their leadership in patient safety will not only save lives, but when approached in a way that engages and protects workers, leads to more effective and profitable healthcare organizations. The book breaks down the complex issues involved in healthcare safety into logical components and offers recommendations for assessing and improving leadership, culture, systems, behavior, and decision-making.


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