Our Mission

Krause Bell Group is in the business of preventing workplace injuries and fatalities through leadership and decision making. Leadership and decision making are complementary executive functions that have a critical role in safety culture and serious injury and fatality prevention.

We believe that every effective safety leader needs these 7 Insights in order to achieve safety and organizational improvement:

  1.  Improving safety by engaging workers lifts business performance
  2.  Improving safety starts with preventing serious injuries and fatalities
  3.  Leadership sets safety improvement in motion
  4.  Culture sustains performance, for better or worse
  5.  Leaders need to understand core safety concepts
  6.  Behavior plays a role, but a different one than expected
  7.  Cognitive bias affects safety decisions

These 7 Insights represent new ways for organizations to achieve accelerated safety improvement with direct benefit to organizational functioning in general. We are currently hosting innovation groups in the US and Europe with several partner organizations who share their data, experience, and expertise in order to improve leadership and decision-making in their organizations. Our clients come out of these innovation groups with tools to help senior leaders observe, measure and improve decision making.