Laura Harrison

Associate Consultant


Laura is a skillful and dynamic MBA with extensive experience managing complex projects from start to completion, while enhancing client experience with design-led thinking and meeting all scheduled dates. Since joining Krause Bell Group in 2017, Laura has focused on serious incident and fatality prevention through decision-making. She currently facilitates our SIF Prevention Center of Excellence, manages our Safe Decision Making(tm) analytical services, and is a key member of our client delivery teams.

  • Prior to Krause Bell Group, Laura was the manager of a resource management consulting firm operating primarily within the transportation and healthcare industries.
  • Laura also spent several years working on a variety of pro-bono consultative projects as an MBA Consultant. She maintained exceptional relationships with key consultant clients to deliver efficient solutions to multiple business problems.
  • She is adept in developing detailed data analysis and interpretation across all functional areas of the business life cycle.
  • Laura is a Pepperdine University alumni, with a BS in Finance and a MBA in Leadership.