Mike Michaud

Executive Consultant


Mike Michaud has made a career of helping improve companies’ overall business performance in key areas such as safety, operational performance, maintenance effectiveness, alternative work systems, cultural development, and employee engagement. Mike has over 40 years of proven performance in developing collaborative environments, ranging from the shop floor to the “C-suite.”

  • For over 40 years, Mike’s work has helped companies transform their approach to employee engagement and involvement. Along the way, key areas positively impacted have been safety, cultural development, leadership development, and labor management relations. Some of his most notable successes include:
  • Led a team of maintenance technicians to become a self-directed/autonomous work team, positively impacting safety, maintenance efficiency and effectiveness, and overall employee engagement.
  • Transformed a 100 employee shift maintenance organization from a traditional supervisory management structure to a self-managed, highly effective maintenance work team resulting in improved safety, operational efficiency, and a rapid equipment turnaround process.
  • Implemented a mill-wide autonomous work system during a major acquisition at a unionized facility. Subsequently, following start-up under this new work structure, the facility set multi-year operational records with significantly improved safety performance, employee engagement, and morale.
  • Mike’s experience ranges from front-line supervision to VP level positions. He has worked in maintenance, engineering, operations, human resources, steel fabrication, pulp and paper, leather manufacturing, consulting, law enforcement, and automotive service. Mike’s background has provided him with a unique insight into all aspects of business and has served him well in his improvement efforts.
  • Within the organizations Mike served, he was highly regarded as a coach, confidant, internal consultant, mentor, and internal arbiter. Mike’s unique style helped bring diverse groups together to address and solve complex social and structural problems.
  • Mike holds an Electrical degree from Southern Maine Technical College, is a graduate of the Maine State Criminal Justice Academy’s LEPS Program, and is an accomplished pilot.