Patrick Gallagher

Executive Consultant


Patrick Gallagher is a lifelong student and teacher of leadership, culture and organizational performance. His 25 years of consulting and management experience has led him to work around the world and in multiple sectors including manufacturing, technology, and professional services.

Patrick has worked with three of the world’s leading safety consulting firms, where he has led global teams in delivering HR optimization, safety transformation, and leadership development programs.

Some of Patrick’s clients’ successes include:

  • An industrial equipment manufacturer with 2,000 employees reduced recordable injuries by over 60% over a two-year period, during which time the company achieved record production levels and all-time best quality performance.
  • A global chemicals and plastics provider with 5,000 employees designed and introduced a new personal safety commitment and action program as part of a safety systems integration with a newly acquired subsidiary – 5,000 employees and contractors completed the program, with 100 becoming certified facilitators to carry the program forward.
  • A global software and technology company designed and introduced a new employee value proposition, reducing their time-to-hire by more than 50% and improving retention by 25%.

Patrick is a trusted leadership coach, who works effectively at levels of the organizational chart. He has a particular strength and focus on coaching emerging leaders. Patrick is certified in leadership assessment with the Center for Creative Leadership.

Patrick is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management, where he has certifications as both a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and a Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR). He holds an MBA with a concentration in global HR Management and a BS in Cultural Anthropology.