Tom Weekley

Executive Consultant


Tom has over forty-five years’ experience working in major industries with senior management and labor leaders to facilitate joint efforts in pursuing common goals, with a focused effort on Health and Safety.  As Co-Director of the UAW-GM National Training Center he pioneered efforts at joint cooperation between management and labor.

He is the coauthor of the book “United We Stand” (McGraw Hill) and has written many published articles on the effects of advancing technology on management/worker relations and worker safety. He was a Board Member of the National Safety Council, presented sessions at their annual conference and is an Editorial Consultant for “Health +Safety Magazine”.  As a member of the American Society of Manufacturing Engineers (ASSE) he sat on the Robotics Steering Committee providing input into the successful implementation of automated systems in the workplace.

His Doctoral studies were overseen by Dr. W. Edwards Deming focusing on Systems Management.

He has been a senior safety consultant for the past ten years and has been instrumental in assisting management, labor leaders and workers to join together in common efforts to reduce injuries in many varied industries in the United States and abroad.