Chuck Clessler

Managing Director, Finance & Ops

Chuck brings some 25 years plus of experience managing all facets of an organization. Much of this focus has been in the areas of finance, operations, and client services.

  • Chuck co-founded Advanced Information Management, Inc. (AIM) back in 1990. Here, Chuck and the team developed, implemented, and supported a suite of software applications targeted at helping companies manage their Human Resource Planning processes.
  • Chuck’s company counted approximately 50% of the Fortune 100 and 30% of the Fortune 500 amongst its clients.
  • After 15 years of successfully running and building AIM, Chuck negotiated the merger of the firm with a larger and synergistic Human Resource software company. Here, Chuck spent 2 years working to help manage the successful integration of the firms while running the large Client Services group and negotiating and managing strong partnering relationships with some of the largest consulting firms in the industry.
  • Just prior to founding AIM, Chuck spent 5 years as CFO of another software company, which was the first to provide a PC based automated solution for managing a company’s succession planning process.
  • Chuck gained additional international experience while spending 5 years working with a conglomerate firm based in Budapest which operated in the areas of banking, travel, real estate, and other industries. Here Chuck oversaw various projects from software to the packaging and export of various nutritional supplements, to structuring and negotiating various debt, equity, and M&A transactions.
  • Most recently Chuck has spent time assisting with the structuring, packaging, and financing of projects in the film and television industry working most extensively with studios, production houses, and film financing groups in the European market.
  • Chuck holds an undergraduate degree in Biology and an MBA.