David Libby

Managing Director

David Libby has been helping US and multi-national organizations improve both safety and operational performance for nearly 30 years. Working both internally and as an external consultant, he brings a hands on, practical approach to improving safety leadership, culture, and performance.

  • Since 2007, David’s work as an external consultant has helped dozens of clients improve their safety leadership, culture, and performance. Some of his most notable successes include:
    • One coal mine, with over 300 employees, achieved zero MSHA reportable injuries for over two years.
    • A food & beverage company with nearly 6,000 employees reduced their total recordable incident rate by over 80% in a five-year period.
    • One hospital with over 3,000 employees reduced Adverse Drug Events by nearly 33% in one year.
  • David led several organizations in the Forest Products and Paper industry during a 20-year career. He served in Operations, Human Resources, Organizational Development, and Safety leadership roles.
  • Sought-after as a leadership coach and trusted advisor, David works with leaders from front-line supervisors to CEOs to better understand their strengths and weaknesses, develop strategies for improvement, and ultimately become more effective through practice and feedback.
  • David is a well-regarded speaker and workshop leader, whether engaging an audience of 1000 in how to drive culture change or coaching a small team of executives over a 2-day workshop on improving their safety leadership capabilities.
  • An experienced leader of organizational change with and without labor unions, David understands what it takes to gain real employee buy-in and support for change. He has testified before a U.S. Congressional sub-committee on best practices in Union/Management partnerships.
  • David has worked with dozens of organizations in many different industries including Healthcare, Mining, Food & Beverage, Chemical, Utilities and Transportation as well as with workers from the front-line to the Chief Executive Officer.
  • David holds a bachelor’s degree in Forest Management from the University of Maine, and earned his Human Resources certification from the University of Minnesota. He is a member of the Society of Human Resources Management, and was a Shingo Prize (a Manufacturing Excellence Award) examiner for many years.