Karen Hewitt

Executive Consultant

United Kingdom

Karen Hewitt has been designing and delivering customized safety leadership, engagement, and culture change programs for large international organizations for ten years.  She is a certified trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is fluent in five languages.

For the last 10 years, Karen has succeeded within large, multinational organizations at the heart of their safety leadership and culture change efforts. She has:

  • Led a global network of safety culture leads within a large oil and gas engineering company on a program that achieved an improvement in its topline culture shift indicator of almost 50% over an eight-year period.
  • Designed and delivered a company-specific safety coaching program for a large manufacturing company in English, French, and Portuguese. The program played a key role in all sites achieving long-term, incident free objectives.
  • Designed and delivered a tailor-made safety leadership, engagement, and culture change program for a multi-sector, multinational organization of 80,000 employees, of whom 90% of those trained said the training would change their behavior.

Karen’s early work experience was in marketing and communications. She has a diploma in marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the United Kingdom and brings a unique communications lens to her work in health and safety.  Combined with her understanding of people and behaviors through her training in Neuro- Linguistic Programming, Karen is uniquely positioned to help companies improve their safety cultures.

Karen’s first book “Employee Confidence – the new rules of Engagement” was published in 2018. It was a finalist in the Leadership category of the Business Book Awards 2019 and an Amazon #1 bestseller in 2021.

An experienced keynote speaker and facilitator, Karen flexes her approach to meet the needs of diverse organizational audiences–from the c-suite to the front-line worker–and to suit any number of different cultural styles.

Karen’ experience spans a variety of industry sectors, including technology, oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, and facilities management. Her practice ranges from small, family-owned companies to large, global organizations.

Karen holds a BSc Honors in Management Science (French), an MBA with a marketing specialism and an MA in Simultaneous Interpreting. She is fluent in five European languages (English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish) and is a United Nations accredited interpreter.