Our Mission 

The mission of the Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention Center of Excellence (SIF P COE) is to contribute thought leadership to the issue of preventing serious and fatal injuries across industries. We do this by sharing experience, facilitating discussion, and analyzing data. Collaborative research conducted at the center is led by Kristen Bell and Tom Krause. Our entire consultant team contributes to the discussions and reports. Together we are building the capability of our members while generating new insights, leading to increasingly effective solutions.

Highly Efficient Method

Experience has shown that a group of organizations sharing data and resources, with access to safety thought leaders to facilitate and guide the discovery process, is a highly cost-effective way to quickly build capability. Such a strategy can yield high quality actionable information aimed at the groups’ specific objectives.

Experienced Members

We welcome organizations from every industry, and individuals working at the corporate, regional, and site levels. To qualify, applicants must demonstrate that their work includes a focus on SIF prevention and that they are currently working to integrate the new paradigm into personal and/or process safety management systems. Your experience can be demonstrated in a variety of ways such as: completed SIF studies, ongoing measurement of SIF potential, or tools that help employees recognize and address SIF precursors.

If your organization is brand new to SIF prevention, please allow us to help you get started down the right path. We can point you to resources and workshops appropriate to your specific situation.

We all share the commitment to helping one another learn and discover increasingly effective ways to anticipate and prevent SIFs.

Why Join?

The SIF P COE offers a variety of benefits. Members:

  • Gain access to Tom Krause, Kristen Bell, David Libby and our consultant team.
  • Build on the experience of others who are working to prevent SIFs in their organizations.
  • Use the group’s learnings and insights to strengthen your company’s SIF prevention efforts.
  • Develop subject-matter expertise.
  • Become part of a powerful network available for help and advice.
  • Receive annual assessments of progress along the SIF Maturity Curve™.

How it Works

  • Complete the application.
  • Upon acceptance, we will schedule an orientation meeting for you.  You will:
    • Receive a schedule of webinars, conferences, and key dates.
    • Confirm your ability to commit to participation in scheduled webinars and surveys.
    • Create personal and organizational learning goals.
  • Each quarter will feature a special topic.
    • You share experience through a quick and easy survey.
    • We use survey responses to design a discussion.
    • You participate in discussion, contributing your insight and experience.
    • We capture discussion highlights and key takeaways to distribute to the group.
  • Receive a discount on our annual SIF prevention conference.
  • Contact Laura Blackburn, Program Manager for the SIF-P COE anytime:  lblackburn@krausebellgroup.com