June 1, 2015

Krause Bell Group Formed to Provide Innovative Performance Improvements


Dr. Tom Krause and Kristen Bell have joined forces to form the Krause Bell Group. Dr. Krause is a pioneer in organizational safety and thought leader in the development of new methods for organizational performance improvement. Kristen Bell is an expert in human and organizational performance with a background in research, innovation, and business management.

The Krause Bell Group (www.krausebellgroup.com) works with US and multi-national organizations to build capability for accelerating performance improvement. Major corporations in oil & gas, metals, healthcare, mining, manufacturing and transportation are already working with Krause Bell Group and each other to mine experience and data, creating rich sources of insight and effective tools to accelerate improvement.

During the 1980s, Dr. Krause and his colleagues at BST developed a method for improving safety performance that came to be known as behavior-based safety (BBS). In 1993, Kristen Bell joined BST and became the driving force behind BST’s research and development efforts. With the benefit of published research on safety improvement, Krause and Bell developed and validated a new model for safety leadership. In the early 2000’s, Krause led a team of organizations who aggregated their data and found new insights into the prevention of serious injuries and fatalities.

Krause Bell Group’s services include guiding safety strategy; organizing think tanks; extracting insights from corporate and site-level data; developing tools for assessing and improving performance; meeting with individual leaders; and presenting thought leadership at corporate and site-level meetings and webinars.

Their book, “7 Insights into Safety Leadership,” mines 20 years of research to produce seven insights every leader needs in order to improve performance. The insights are:

  1. Safety performance leads business performance.
  2. Safety leadership starts with preventing serious injuries & fatalities.
  3. Leadership sets safety improvement in motion.
  4. Culture sustains performance—for better or for worse.
  5. Safe decision making is built on core safety concepts.
  6. Behavior plays a role, but a different one than expected.
  7. Cognitive bias affects safety decisions.

To purchase “7 Insights into Safety Leadership,” and to inquire about the Krause Bell Group’s services call (805) 798-4152 or email info@krausebellgroup.com.

Contact Information
Thomas R. Krause, Partner
Krause Bell Group
417 Bryant Circle, Ojai, CA 93023
(805) 340-8765
Kristen J. Bell, Partner
Krause Bell Group
417 Bryant Circle, Ojai, CA 93023
(805) 798-4152

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Krause Bell Group Formed to Provide Innovative Performance Improvements

June 1, 2015


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