Kristen Bell

Founding Partner & Director, Innovation

Kristen Bell collaborates with executives from US and multinational companies to develop increasingly effective ways to prevent serious injuries and fatalities with far-reaching benefit to the business.

  • Kristen co-founded Krause Bell Group in 2015 and leads the innovation function for the firm.
  • Kristen published 7 Insights into Safety Leadership with Dr. Tom Krause in 2016 and it continues to be read by safety leaders around the world.
  • Kristen partners with colleagues and clients to design and build capability for SIF prevention, health & well-being, and other areas of growth and concern.
  • Kristen’s multinational experience includes:
    • leading a team of 25 safety professionals and leadership consultants on an 18 billion-dollar construction project in Papua New Guinea;
    • designing a safety leadership development strategy for a global mining company;
    • developing internal and external consultant teams in leadership development through coaching, training, shadowing and mentoring.
  • Kristen has expertise in measurement and assessment methods. She has designed, developed, validated and implemented numerous large-scale measurement systems of leadership practices, cultural attributes, and organizational behavior.
  • Kristen spent the first half of her career at Behavioral Science Technology, Inc. where she directed an aggressive research program that was instrumental in BST’s success in leadership development and culture transformation.
  • Kristen holds Master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology and Business Management, and is a Certified Executive Coach. She is a member of the American Society for Safety Engineers and associate member of the American Psychological Association and the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology. She is a former Division Chair for the National Safety Council.