June 30, 2017

Libby Promoted to Partner at Krause Bell Group


OJAI, CA — David W. Libby, President of Consulting Services at Krause Bell Group, has been elevated to Partner effective May 1, 2017, according to company founder Dr. Thomas Krause.

Libby joined the safety consulting organization as President of Consulting Services in August of 2016, following more than ten years of executive coaching experience.  During his brief tenure, Libby has worked with more than 20 national and international organizations.

“We are very pleased to appoint David Libby to the position of Partner within Krause Bell Group,” said Krause. “David brings us depth of knowledge and experience, sound judgment and a skill set that meets the needs of our clients at all levels.”

Krause and Bell wrote 7 Insights into Safety Leadership and launched Krause Bell Group in 2015 to prevent workplace injuries and fatalities through leadership and decision making.  Their approach to industrial safety and leadership bridges industry experts and data-driven research to develop practical solutions that can then be systematically evaluated, improved and implemented throughout all levels of their clients’ organization.

Libby has been a leader in organizational safety coaching for more than a dozen years, with experience in healthcare, mining, the food and beverage industry, chemical manufacturers, utilities and transportation, spanning front-line employees to the chief executive officers. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Forest Management from the University of Maine, and earned his Human Resources certification from the University of Minnesota. He is a member of the Society of Human Resources Management, and was a Shingo Prize (a Manufacturing Excellence Award) examiner for many years.

“We are so very fortunate to have David as a Partner,” Bell said.  “His capabilities and client-centered approach are essential to our mission of preventing serious injuries and fatalities in the workplace.”

Libby Promoted to Partner at Krause Bell Group

June 30, 2017

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