Why Safety Directors Need to Become Better at Change Management

An early 1990’s study conducted within General Electric on best practices in change management showed that an initiative can fail despite a good technical solution or approach: “100% of all changes evaluated as successful had a good technical solution or approach. 98% of all changes evaluated as unsuccessful also had a good technical solution or approach.”


How Safety Improvement Works, Part 3

Recent studies have made something new and exciting clear: The central theme, the through-line most useful to SIF prevention, is all about decision making for safety. Yes, reducing exposure to risk and improving the culture are crucially important. But how do leaders at different organizational levels influence those things most effectively?


Why Mindfulness will not Improve your Safety Performance

When people talk about how safety performance has improved over time, they typically focus on three phases: Technical – improvements in machine and equipment safety; Organizational – a concerted effort to improve the safety of all systems and procedures employed in the workplace; and Behavioral – a specific focus on the behaviors of frontline employees….