Organizational Decision Making for Safety: Part 2

When we think about the sheer numbers of decisions made by leaders the task of improving them all seems quite daunting. The study identified a subset of decisions which had the greatest impact on 60 serious and fatal events. This article outlines an improvement strategy for organizations based on the findings.

Serious Injuries and Fatalities – The Fundamental Problem

In this video, Dr. Tom Krause discusses the disturbing trend first discovered around 2010. While most companies had seen recordable injuries decline, serious and fatal injuries remained level.  Further, strategies that reduced smaller injuries did not have the same impact on serious injuries.  We must continue to rethink how we approach safety improvement in general,…

How and Why Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) Must Evolve

The problem with a complex issue is that you have to think about it a little. It’s easy to say “Here are five reasons behavior-based safety is terrific” or “Here are five reasons why it is terrible.” But neither of these tell the whole story. The truth is that behavior-based safety (BBS) is a mixed…