Aligning Executive Pay with the Goal of Fatality Elimination

In the complex landscape of corporate governance, compensation committees and boards of directors face the critical task of designing executive compensation packages that not only drive performance but also align with the organization’s core values and safety improvement strategy. This alignment is crucial in industries …

What does it take to be an effective EHS leader?

Executives don’t select people outside EHS to lead the EHS function for no reason. They do it because they need a sufficient level of skill, knowledge, and attributes to play at the necessary level. Organizations that attain real safety excellence are aware of this issue and taking active steps to address it.

Hippocratic Oath for Safety Leaders

The Hippocratic Oath was originally written over 2,400 years ago, and meant primarily for the medical profession, but what if safety leaders at all levels committed to a Hippocratic Oath?  What do I mean by ‘safety leaders’?  Anyone in a position to influence safety is a safety leader; this is not meant just for EHS professionals.  How many lives would be saved? How many injuries prevented? How much less pain and suffering would families endure? With some minor edits to the original oath, I’d suggest the following is worth discussing with your leadership teams:

The Critical Importance of Safety Leadership

In this video, Dr. Tom Krause discusses one of the most critical insights into safety leadership: Leaders who commit themselves to safety will transform organizational performance. He also gives examples of ways that organizations can instill this way of thinking into the safety aspect of every day business. Learn more about our approach to safety…

How to Undermine the Credibility of Safety Leadership in Your Organization

Organizational leaders are always in the process of seeking out and developing talented people who can take on responsibilities and attain objectives. The higher up you get the more important this becomes. If you could just find five people who could do what you can do, or what your top leader is doing, life would…